Wake up from this dream. This dream where you are separated from everybody else and you have to compete for Love.

Life doesn't have to be a struggle, there is no need for battle, there is no survival of the fittest amongst brothers. Humanity is slowly waking up from this dream of Fear and Hatred. It may take a while, but I am here to break the spell. That inner Sun is with us all along, the more we share it, there more it grows.

Here I am, and I invite you to open up, peel those layers of guilt off your Innocent soul and Wake Up. Let's Go!

You and I, we are Free you know :)



Open up those eyes that have been closed for so long
Now you realize what I am about to sing in this song

Now you will wonder, now you will know what I am about to do

Bring me back that smile that you have kept for yourself
It may take a while but I am here to break the spell

Now you will wonder, now you will know what this is all about

And I'll show you, show you, the way.


from Sin Prisa. No hurries, No worries, track released January 23, 2016
Gato Suave (Voz, Guitarra)




Alex Serra (Gato Suave) Barcelona, Spain

I'm Alex and I want the world to feel my soul :)

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